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Quilting Quickly: Island Breeze Tote - Batik Quilt Pattern Tote Bag

What's all the excitement about? Well, we've finally fallen in love with a silhouette that can hold all our important life bits without being so big we can fit inside it. For the most part they're easy to style ; if subtlety is what you're going for, then an ecru tote paired with a denim raw-hem mini skirt and Havaianas is a total beach bum vibe. If you believe the more colour the better, a neon puffy clutch with a Hawaiian print shirt and wide-leg beige trousers will suffice.

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Like most trends we watched our favourite new shape glide onto the catwalk first. This time it was micro bags that really drew our attention. They were shaped like little cylinders, fit for carrying exactly one lipstick and nothing more. We saw it in the fall print trends , in fall shoes , and also in the fall purse trends — snakeskin might be the biggest fall hit.

Women's Bags & Purses

Snakeskin was lovely as just an accent at Proenza Schouler, giving a touch of brightness and texture to handbags that were primarily constructed of shiny black leather. Bags totally covered in an orange snakeskin were also quite fetching. For a subtler option, Tory Burch presented a small black and white snakeskin purse decorated with a touch of gold hardware. Small saddlebags covered in dark snakeskin were another nice option, especially for carrying in the evenings.

Croc skin is quite similar to snakeskin, but with larger scales and a more raw, wild vibe. Nothing is as fashionable as taking one of the scariest animals on the planet and turning it into an accessory. Tyrian purple croc skin at Givenchy really made our eyes pop. The rich, royal color made the croc skin luxury bags appear even more sophisticated, although we also loved the pattern on the belt bags. At Max Mara, croc-embossed bags also played to other fall bag trends, with leather belt bags, totes, and chain-strap bags all embossed with a textured crocodile skin pattern.

Other labels that played around with croc-embossing for their fall runway bags and purses included Rebecca Minkoff, Zimmermann, Ulla Johnson, and Bottega Veneta. While this season might be heavy on prints and embellishments, there were also quite a few labels that either shifted to minimalism, or added some restrained options in collections that were otherwise quite extreme. There was a lot going on with the bags at Prada, so simple bags in square shapes made of soft leather and only embellished with the smallest piece of brand hardware were an opportunity to rest the eyes briefly.

Victoria Beckham has been making a name for herself making simple but extremely wearable garments, so the bags were just as minimalistic yet utilitarian. Bags in different sizes were made of clean leather in a variety of colors, and the branding was as minimal as could be. Just like in clothes, so also in purses. Patchwork fabrics and prints were all over the runways, so patchwork also became one of the fall purse trends.

A patchwork effect lends purses an undone vibe that can be very punk or simply avant-garde. Our first example, however, is quite elegant.

A blue handbag at Michael Kors was made of a patchwork pattern consisting of black leather and different kinds of blue or gray snakeskin panels, stitched together in a diamond pattern. Patchwork purses from Coach came in a few sizes, and were made of patches of leather covered in different floral prints.

About Quilted Handbags

Every season the fashion designers find new ways to think outside the traditional purse shapes, and cubes are one of the main unusual shapes for the fall bag trends. For a slightly retro take on cube handbags, we really adored an embroidered purse at Oscar de la Renta.

The bag was a perfect cube with a big latch. Each panel was a different color and covered in delicate floral embroidery. For those who are truly daring, a clear cube from Brandon Maxwell might be a great fit. The gold-lined handbag was totally see-through — not so much a purse as a presentation box that shows off everything you carry. A cube bag at Roksanda reminded us of a Chinese takeout container but in the most elegant way imaginable. The bag was made of beige leather, with small straps for hand-carrying.

The cube shape was as simple as can be, with a long flap closure and golden accents. Eudon Choi and Etro also presented some unique box and cube bags. A triangle or amoeba-shaped bag is a great way of presenting your individuality, so check out what designers had in mind. One of our favorite handbags was a simple black with a pearl decoration, and a shape that included a rounded top and then two curved parts to the bottom, like a curvy baguette bag.

At House of Holland, colorful croc-embossed bags had a fun semi-circle shape, so they looked like cut watermelons.

Purses & Tote Bags

A larger geometric option showed up at Bottega Veneta in the form of a triangular leather bag carried by a handle stuck in the center of the flat top. We also saw some wacky shapes for fall bags at Staud, and Jil Sander. Think of accordion bags as a subcategory of the unique shape trend.

A bit of folding is the trick to creating fall bags that look a bit like accordions. Even in traditional colors, these bags are quite playful and fun. At Jil Sander, one of the bags sported accordion folds along the side, which actually seemed quite useful for a woman who must carry around a lot of documents.

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A small accordion handbag at Gabriela Hearst seemed less useful but super cute, with its rounded plastic handle and orange decoration. Hands-free bags are here to stay! Like the more mature and sophisticated cousin of the fanny pack, the belt bag is a gorgeous choice for anyone on the go. For something super subtle we can thank Dior, where an envelope bag-style pouch was well hidden on a large, waist-cinching belt.

It was as flattering and versatile as could be, with the belt itself made of shiny black leather and decorated with a dangly golden D-logo hardware. For something a little more colorful and conspicuous, we loved the belt bags from Emilio Pucci! Two little bags were attached to a pink leather belt, and appeared to be removable. Those who look for versatility will love the belt bags from Roberto Cavalli. A medium-sized, classy-looking flap bag was attached to an elegant black belt, but we suspect that the belt could be easily detached and a regular strap could be attached in its stead for traditional carrying. Fendi, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Chanel and many others also gave us some great takes on belt bags for fall ! Whether it is a question of practicality or individuality, it is clear that designers went out of their way to showcase new and unique ideas of what a bag should be.

Bags as a scarf or maybe vest at Max Mara really stood out to us. The two large envelope-style pockets were situated on the ends of the fabric draped over the shoulders, turning the scarf as a whole into its own kind of purse. Bags were attached to small straps and wrapped around heavy combat boots , giving us the most punk rock way of carrying things around.

New Arrivals

Round bags always come back in style, and yet they always stand out when carried. If your goal is to be as on-trend as possible then a Marc Jacobs bag is the way to go. Fuzzy leopard print decorated the small, round handbag we saw on his runway. At Rebecca Minkoff, circular bags in bright colors were combined with more traditional bag shapes, presenting both this trend and the double-carry bag trend. Slouchy bags run the risk of looking frumpy, but a great way to get around that is to choose a slouchy bag made of high-quality leather.

It had a unique triangular shape that we thought added nice interest. Covered in brightly colored, animal-print fuzz, the slouchy bags had multiple compartments and thick leather straps that gave them a bit of structure. We also saw more slouchy bags at the runway shows of Marni, The Row, and Lacoste.

The fall handbags came in all shapes, including the shapes of other items, and sometimes even flying under the radar at the autumn fashion shows themselves.