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Representing a major paradigm shift from open surgery, minimally invasive surgery assisted by robotics and sensing is emerging by accessing the surgical targets via either keyholes or natural orifices. It is challenging to get delicate and safe manipulations due to the constraints imposed by the mode of robotic access, confined workspace, complicated surgical environments and the limited available dedicated technologies, particularly in terms of endoluminal curvilinear targeting and curvilinear guidance. Addressing the aforementioned challenges and aiming at human-centered flexible minimally invasive robotic systems, this talk focuses on the key biorobotics research in continuum robotic system development, compliant robotic modeling and control, collaborative human-robot interaction, cognitive sensing and intelligent navigation, which are tackling fundamental and technical challenges mostly in the context of minimally invasive surgery applications.

His main areas of interest include biorobotics and intelligent control, medical mechatronics, computer-integrated surgery and multisensor data fusion in surgical robotics. John, R. Google Scholar. Anderson, S. Rewriting the past: Some factors affecting the variability of personal memories. Baber, C. Task analysis for error identification: a methodology for designing error-tolerant consumer products.

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Booth, P. Errors and theory in human-computer interaction. Acta Psychol. Bower, G.

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Organizational factors in memory. Analysis of a mnemonic device: modern psychology uncovers the powerful components of an ancient system for improving memory. Tulving and F. Emotional mood as a context for learning and recall. Verbal Learn. Verbal Behav. Breazeal, C. Social interactions in HRI: the robot view. IEEE Trans. Man Cybern. Part C Appl. Brooks, D. Lowell, MA.

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Human Centered Robot Systems: Cognition, Interaction, Technology

Differential recall of paired associates as a function of arousal and concreteness-imagery levels. PubMed Abstract Google Scholar.

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Recovery from automation error after robot neglect.

FACE Robot Cognitive Architecture for Social Attention (Demo)

Factors Ergon. Meet 51, — Celsi, R. The role of involvement in attention and comprehension processes. Cha, E. Chapman, G. Opting in vs opting out of influenza vaccination.

Social cognition in human-robot interaction

JAMA , 43— Chidambaram, V. Croskerry, P.

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The importance of cognitive errors in diagnosis and strategies to minimize them. De Visser, E.

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Adaptive aiding of human-robot teaming: effects of imperfect automation on performance, trust, and workload. Desai, M.

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